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reiki master

A Common Sense Approach to Well Being

Let us show you how Reiki can help you:

Reiki, pronounced ray(spiritual wisdom), key(life force), is the Japanse term for the transmission of healing energy.  Developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, Reiki has been passed on through generations of Masters and Practitioners and is now utilized as a complimentary treatment for PTSD, Cancer, Asperger's Syndrome, among others.


Although not a replacement for conventional medical care, Reiki is a non invasive form of holistic healing.


Clients report distinctive results including:

  • Loss of headache

  • Stress Release

  • A distinct calm & ease

  • A general sense of well-being


Reiki energy  lends itself to healing on four levels: physical, mental, emotion and spiritual.


Reiki Master Doreen Lavista has de-mystified Reiki in creating personalized,  affordable, instruction focusing on the individual needs of each student.  Classes are maintained to a maximum of 4 students.


Reiki Master & Trainer



Body of Water Wellness Spa

700 SE 5th Terrace Suite 5

Crystal River, FL


Mary Jane Wellness Clinic

855 NE 4th Street

Crystal River FL



Other Services Available
SEE 2022-23 MENU

  •  Reiki Sessions​

  •  Empathic Tarot Readings

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Immersive Meditations

  • Wedding Officiant

  •  Goddess Workshops

  • Seasonal Celebrations in Goddess Traditions

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