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Purpose: This workshop is designed to empower women seeking personal spiritual connection to their Divine & Authentic Self. 

The Goddess Returns & Introduction to Wicca/Paganism 

Workshop is scheduled as 2 classes per Module.  Classes are $30 each or 4 for $100.

MOD 1: (a) Who IS the Goddess? (b)World Mythology & the Feminine Divine. 

MOD 2. (a) The Elements & Directions in Creating Sacred Space & Smudging        (b) Demystifying the Pentacle, it's meaning in Sacred Geometry 

MOD 3: (a) Immersive Meditations** (b) Past-Life Regressions 

MOD 4: (a) Know Yourself with Releases through Tarot* (b) Intro to Astrology 

MOD 5: (a) Intro to Divination (b) Intro to Herbalism 

MOD 6: (a) the Wheel of the Year (b) Identifying YOUR inner Goddess & Divine Source 

MOD 7: (a) Spell-Crafting as Prayer (b) Attaining the Authentic Self by employing empowerment rituals, meditations, intent & action.
There is required reading & homework
*individual appointment session
**Not included in curriculum

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