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Want to know more about Doreen Lavista? 

Rev. Doreen Lavista, HPs., RM/T THE GODDESS CONNECTION tm.  Spiritual Mentor & Coach, Supporting Personal Wellness, Empowering People to Help Themselves - Creating Rituals for Women in All Stages of Life - Offering A Common Sense Approach to Spiritual Well-Being

I have always had the gift of clairsentience & claircognizance, but as a child in the 1960s, there were no books or classes on how to develop these gifts. Clairsentience is the ability to “feel” the emotions of a person or circumstance. It often accompanies Precognition, the innate knowledge of what comes next & Claircognizance, a sense of knowledge of information without formal exposure. Later on, I found more information as a teenager, in the 1970s, through research in Wicca & Tarot. Although I only read Tarot for family, friends & classmates, I was honing a skill I would use for the rest of my life.

Later in adulthood, I was to develop a small, private clientele. As an Eclectic Priestess, I was a founding member of the Coven BellaDonna, created seasonal celebratory rituals, developed classes in Metaphysical studies. I even became ordained minister of the Universal Life Church & The Church of Spiritual Humanism. I later studied more about Eastern Philosophies and how they influenced the “New Age” movement in the US & the awakening of American Spirituality.


Through interaction with other practitioners & Masters, I was introduced to Reiki in the 1990s. I have completed four Reiki Masterships, one with Diane Stein. Through intensive metaphysical study & practice, I confirmed that Spirit is always with me. I learned that we all share the energy of Chi or Vital Life Force. It is here I could define that we all share access to the energy field known as the Akashic Records. And it is here that I reasoned that all living creatures, the inhabitants of Mother Earth, share the gift of Sentience & self-awareness.

My “real life” experience comes from a 30-year career in Civil Service in Clerical, Supervisory & Administrative capacities. I was employed in County Water Supply & the Library System and retired from there. Prior to that, I lived in Colorado & Germany as a Military Adjunct. My education is varied & extensive & I am currently a Psychology Major in a local college. We never stop learning.

My students & clients receive Divinely Guided Spiritual Mentoring. I use pop culture references to clarify mythologies & analyze history in my Goddess Classes & Introduction to Wicca. I lean toward Jungian interpretations of symbolism & include them in the process.

I am available for public speaking engagements, specializing in Accessing Self Empowerment Through the Feminine Divine.

I am forever grateful to the Goddess for all Her many gifts, & especially those of Psychic Empathy, which I bring to clients & students through Reiki & Tarot. When I say I am a Witch, it’s with a capital W! Blessed be.

Reiki Master & Trainer

 The “Earth Visitor & Me” at the Milton Cemetery, Rye NY, 1991, by Lisa Russano Therien

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