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The Return of the Goddess,  & The Basics of Wicca 

The Return of the Goddess Workshop offers personal empowerment through the study & application of Nature's rhythms & cycles.  We utilize tools of Astrology, Divination, Intuition integrated with the technology of Ritual & Goal Setting.  Each attendee is required to submit a Statement of Purpose for enrolling in the workshop so that clear intent may be discerned.  After each attendee processes a set of "Releases", classes include, but are not limited to:


The Wheel of the Year

Who is the Goddess and Where did She Go? - The cultural similarities and differences

Maiden, Mother, Crone and what defines a "virgin", anyway

Moon Cycles-Lunar Magic

Her Male counterparts

Her Tools - Divination, Herbs, Crystals

Good Goddess/Bad Goddess (the light & dark aspects)

Culminating with a Current Seasonal Celebration created by the Graduates


Each attendee should bring a notebook/journal & pen, wear comfortable clothing & a cushion to sit on.

There is suggested reading, as well as handouts with works cited, exercises, homework, giveaways, discussions & a Certificate of Completion.  There is no test, however, each attendee is required to participate in creating the Current Seasonal Ritual Celebration.


Attendees under the age of 18 must have written parent/guardian permission.

Reiki Master & Trainer
Reiki Master & Trainer
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